The Unusual Secret To Keeping The Spark In Your Marriage (Spoiler: It Involves Cute Animals)


If you feel like your marriage is losing its spark, it may be time to look at some cute animals.
Researchers from Florida State University have found ...

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Lena Dunham Opens Up About Difficult Decision To Rehome Her Rescue Dog Lamby


Lena Dunham has spoken about making the “heartbreaking” decision to rehome her rescue dog Lamby.
The 31-year-old addressed the subject after fans ...

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Anshuman Rawat: Death Of A Pet


As with most mornings, I was reading the newspaper in bed while my pet turtle Tobi was in the water in his transparent plastic container by our bedroom window. This was his hour of basking in 'passive sunlight'. But something felt different. I noticed that he was in an unusually calm floating state for a bit.

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Dog Only Ever Eats Half The Food In Her Bowl For The Most Heartbreaking Reason


A dog has broken hearts around the world by only eating half the food in her bowl.
Filmmaker Easton Dufur trained his labradors Stitch and Cookie to s...

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This Woman Smuggled Her Grandma’s Dog Into Hospital, And People Can’t Handle It


A genius woman smuggled her grandmother’s dog into hospital by pretending she was carrying a baby.
Shelby Hennick, a 21-year-old veterinary technici...

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Beloved Cat Gets OTT Quinceañera To Celebrate Her 15th Birthday


Turning 15 years old is a pretty big deal for a cat, with the average kitty having a life expectancy of 14 years.
So a family in North Carolina recent...

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The Emotional Stages Of Polling Day, As Explained By Cats


It’s polling day and millions of people are out in force to have their say on the future of the nation.
While general elections only roll around eve...

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New Yorkers Found An Excellent Workaround For The Subway Dog Ban


When the people of New York were told they couldn’t take their dogs on the subway unless they were contained in bags, owners of large dogs weren’t...

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Caroline Kisko: This Dog Breed As Rare As The Giant Panda Could Die Out In The UK


The future of one of our ancient dog breeds, the lovely Irish Red and White Setter, characterised by its distinctive red and white coat, is in jeopardy and experts believe these gorgeous dogs could die out if more people don't choose them as pets.

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Dr Pixie McKenna: Why You Should Clean Up After Mucky Pups To Protect Your Family's Health


Your carpets and sofas are areas of the home where these germs are most likely to live as pets spend the most of their time on them. Most pet owners have experienced a pet-related toilet accident on one or both too, and parasites, bacteria and fungal infections can be transmitted through their faecal mat

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Luke Gamble: Protecting Our Dogs Against Lungworm


Lungworm in dogs, caused by the nematode parasite Angiostrongylus Vasorum, has been steadily increasing in prevalence since the first case was recorded in the UK in the 1970s. Believed to have travelled here from France, it first gained a foothold in South East England but has now spread throughout the country.

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Little Boy Got More Than He Bargained For When He Went In For A Kiss With His Pet Dog


A little boy got more than he bargained for when he went in for a kiss with his pet dog.
The adorable toddler, dressed in a Batman outfit, puckered u...

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Amy Childs Reveals She Has Given Up Her Dog As He Was 'So Big' And Got Jealous Of Polly


Amy Childs has revealed she’s had to give her pet bulldog away to another couple since becoming a mum for the first time.
The former ‘TOWIE’ sta...

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John Hibbs: Top Tips For Keeping Toddlers, Babies And Dogs Cool


In case you hadn't noticed, it's hot! We're in Staffordshire - land locked and uncomfortable for two children (one three-year-old and one four months). I've taken some measures to try to keep the house and everyone in it cool - even the dog! Here's our top five for keeping you cool or at least slightly less clammy...

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Katrin Scholz: Protecting Pets During Parasite season


There are a number of ways you can prepare and protect your pets during tick season which are strongly advisable. There is potential for real damage to be made should symptoms go unnoticed!

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People Reveal The Ridiculous Nicknames They Call Their Pets (And It'll Make You Giggle)


We’re all completely obsessed with giving our pets bizarre nicknames - and the internet has proven it.
In what is sure to make you chuckle, Reddito...

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This Dog Is All Of Us Trying To Get A Summer Body


Ever gone to a gym class and felt like you’re the only one not working out in perfect sync? Yep, us too.
It seems a dog named Riptide also knows a t...

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'Utter B****** Of A Cat': Animal Shelter's Hilarious Description For Moggy Waiting To Be Adopted


Mr Biggles is a shiny, black cat waiting to be adopted. He’s also a bit of a bastard.
That’s according to staff at Cat People of Melbourne in Aust...

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11 Reasons You Should Talk To Your Pet Instead Of A Human


In a new study scientists have finally verified what pet owners have known for years, that dogs can actually talk to their humans.
While everyone els...

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Katrin Scholz: Mineral Content And Pet Food


Globally, different institutions recommend different ratios and levels of mineral content in pet food. The recommendations are usually decided based on the levels of minerals that cause adverse effects in animals as opposed to the perfect level to promote optimum health.

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Sian Hughes: Why The Dog Has Bad Breath


The dog has bad breath. And by bad, I mean gruesome. If you were to rate smells on a scale of one to ten, where one represented good, and ten bad, bac...

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Marc Lee Abraham: Alabama Rot: Important Information For Dog Owners


So here's some information for dog owners to help identify what to look for, as well as what you should do, if you suspected your pet has become a victim of Alabama Rot.

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'One Last Goodbye': Elderly Woman's Dying Wish To Cuddle Her Cat In Hospital Is Granted


In her final hours, an elderly woman wanted to be comforted by her best friend. And who could deny her that?
A photograph shared on Imgur shows the mo...

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Claire Meadows: Give A Dog A Bone... But Think Twice About Scraps


Apparently, overfeeding and lack of exercise is leading to an obesity crisis among our furry friends with Green Pantry founder and dog nutrition expert Simon Booth saying that if pet owners don't change their ways then the UK will soon be a "'fat dog' country where a very significant proportion of dogs will be too unfit to run and play".

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Mum Overwhelmed By The Way This Dog Transformed The Life Of Her Son With Autism


A mum has revealed how a pet dog transformed the life of her seven-year-old son who has autism.
She explained her son, Joel, found going outside a “...

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PetStay have launched their NEW sparkling website this month.


Managing Director Carole Davy says, “After many months of meetings, creativity and ideas flying about we are happy to announce the launch of our new website. We wanted to make sure we designed it with our customers in mind who … Continue reading

Dog Friendly Pembrokeshire Tourism Awards Winners Announced


Pembrokeshire’s Dog Friendly businesses have been recognised and celebrated in the county’s first Dog Friendly Tourism Awards held on the Slebech Park Estate. The Dog Friendly Awards initiative was created by Pembrokeshire Tourism and Burns Pet Nutrition and are designed … Continue reading

How to Stop Your Dog from Peeing on the Carpet Now


Dogs may be adorable creatures and keeping them indoors can be such a joy. Giving them food through an automatic pet feeder would be convenient too. So, even when you are out, you don’t need to worry that they will … Continue reading

Small Black Country Business Gets Twitter Boost from Theo Paphitis


Small business start-up, BIGPAWS.CO, has received a business boost from Retail Entrepreneur Theo Paphitis. Tracy Messer, owner of BIGPAWS.CO, tweeted Theo about her business during ‘Small Business Sunday’ and was one of six weekly winners to gain a retweet by … Continue reading

Do you know the effects of dog poo in the sea?


Millions of people enjoy the British beaches each year, paddling in the sea or, if they are daring enough, going for a chilly swim! To protect and advise the general public using the beaches the Environment Agency check the areas … Continue reading

What dogs really think of their owners – video


If you’ve ever wondered what dogs might say if they could talk, then now’s your chance to find out. As well as making dog lovers laugh, the video hopefully shows why it’s important to register your appliances. In the event … Continue reading

A dooup for Mother’s Day


Whether a mummy of a human or a mummy to the furry variety, or mummy to both, Mother’s Day is an important day to honour all that ‘mumminess’! And what better way to do that than give a gift that … Continue reading

Why the UK Should Acknowledge Emotional Support Animal


In the US, the number of emotional support animals is growing steadily. Thousands of mental health patients have been able to survive difficult times with their ESAs without expensive therapy sessions and medical bills. However, acknowledging the importance of emotional … Continue reading

Loch Tay Highland Lodges were presented with the prestigious award of ‘Best Glamping Site, Scotland’


Loch Tay Highland Lodges were presented with the prestigious award of ‘Best Glamping Site, Scotland’ at the inaugural Scottish Outdoor and Leisure Awards ceremony in Glasgow in late 2016. Jo Barrie, Loch Tay Highland Lodge’s General Manager was there to … Continue reading

Memorial glass for our dogs


Our dogs are part of our families and those who have suffered the loss of one of their dogs will know all too well how sad a time it can be. One lady has taken steps to produce a keepsake … Continue reading